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This document sets out the standard of customer care and how it is maintained. It lets customers know:

  • that we do care about our work and what our customers think of it
  • what they can expect from us
  • what to do if they are not satisfied or have a complaint

Defining the standards
Our standards are defined by our customers so that we deliver the best care for them.

We will:

  • Regularly ask customers for their opinions on our service
  • Use these opinions to shape the service we provide
  • Be honest with customers about the services we can and can’t provide

How we deliver the standard

  • Provide written quotations for works including terms and conditions which may apply
    Ensure written quotations are uncomplicated and clearly worded and provide a measurable specification for works to be undertaken
  • Upon acceptance of the quote, schedule a date for delivery of the work or a follow-up communication
  • Provide a clear and uncomplicated written invoice following completion of the work

Measuring the standards
We want to ensure that our customer care is optimal and this will be measured by our customers.

We will:

  • Seek regular feedback on customer satisfaction
  • Investigate all complaints thoroughly and in a timely fashion
  • Use feedback and results of complaint investigations to influence changes in customer care

If you are not satisfied or have a complaint about the conduct/behaviour of a member of the team, our service or our work, then please contact

customer care policy
Staff commitment Our staff are essential in delivering our services and ensuring our customers are satisfied. We will:
  • Ensure our staff are sufficiently trained and competent to deliver our services
  • Ensure our staff treat all customers with respect, courtesy and understanding
How we communicate 
Efficient correspondence with customers is essential in keeping them satisfied.
We will:
  • Listen carefully to the customer
  • Be polite, honest and accurate with the information we provide
  • Respond to all enquiries promptly and with courtesy
  • Ensure the customer understands all information provided
  • Conduct correspondence professionally and confidentially
  • Inform customers of any changes or delays in good time
  • Provide alternative sources for services where we cannot help
  • Keep customers informed of any subsequent stages in the process