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SHARE THIS PHOTOS SOLD! I am happy to report that at long last my photos are beginning to get noticed after recently selling 25 photos of Nottingham, Newark & Southwell to Marketing Nottingham UK.  Sophie Milne who is the Communications Executive at Marketing Nottingham UK said: “As the official tourist board for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire,…


Do you want to improve your photography work?

SHARE THIS DO YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY WORK? There are plenty of photography courses and helpful free videos available online to improve your own photography, maybe too many when all said and done! However, I’ve been heavily involved with photography for the past 14 years or so and believe it or not I’m…


What is Royalty Free Stock Photography?

WHAT IS ROYALTY FREE STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY? Stock photography is photography or imagery that is used repeatedly for commercial and noncommercial purposes. Often stock images depict common situations, concepts, landmarks, and people. Stock photography use is very popular with designers, graphic artists, art directors, advertising agencies, and marketing professionals, in magazine ads, websites, and marketing brochures….