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My name is Jools,
I am a Graphic Designer

My name is Julian Wright (better known as Jools to all my friends and associates).

I became a graphic designer in 1983 when I joined Mansfield District Council on a community programme scheme. In those early days, the job was a lot more ‘hands on’ as there were no computers or related software to work with just endless packets of Letraset (transfer lettering) and making the most of my natural, artistic talent!!

To cut a long story short, I went onto work for Mansfield District Council for 24 years in total, gaining more experience and knowledge with each passing year including learning the Print side too. However, in early 2007, everything changed and due to many redundancies taking place, my time at the Council had come to an end and a new challenge was looming ahead. It wasn’t a difficult choice, as I already knew that I wanted  to run my own company … and so Cloud 9 Design was born.

Over a decade later, I am still here doing my very best for every client that walks through my door or pops up in my email inbox, producing artwork that is not only great value, but also eye-catching and effective too! I always try my best to build good customer relations with all of my clients instantly creating a platform of trust and cohesion from the outset.

I love my work and take a great deal of pride in everything I do, so it is very important to me to put maximum effort into every job I undertake. That’s why Cloud 9 Design continues to be successful in it’s own right.

It’s true to say that I  am always looking to build new business relationships, so if I can help your business in anyway then please do not hesitate to contact me either by phone or email. Whatever you need to enhance your business, I can help it to shine, so get in touch today!

Julian Wright

To help all businesses that I work with to develop and grow successfully, producing literature that will help them to be seen more clearly in a professional light.

  • I learnt my trade at Mansfield District Council and served for 24 years in total from 1983-2007.
  • My time at Mansfield District Council came to an end when the Reprographics Unit was closed in January 2007 due to redundancies being made.
  • Cloud 9 Design was registered as a business in January 2007
  • Cloud 9 Design continues to serve lots of clients including local businesses and major international companies alike.
Jools Wright



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By downloading the Cloud 9 Design brochure, you can have a permanent reminder of what services I provide . Keep it on your computer desktop and resort back to it when necessary.

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